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The Night the Pitchers ran Dry

Friday, April 24th, 2009

A couple of drinks on a Friday night turned into a binge drinking session as few of our other friends joined in. After ordering for pitchers and pitchers of beer (we thought either we had turned into tanks or the guy was diluting it) around 7 of us tried to walk our way home that was 15 minutes away. As we stumbled on towards our destination the first tumble and the first obstacle on our path came, two people it seemed were playing puke wars. Each guy tried puke more than the other we the projectile flowing we were in for some messy time. Soon a little sane bugger went and got water. 


Like men on mission we soon moved on to fall once again none of us could carry on and we just sat down in the middle of the road, the effects of alcohol sunk in more and we had people dialing there ex’s and crying out their misery to them. Then one of my friends tries to start a rickshaw will saluting each and every person as his boss. By the time I reached home we had called every dog on the road decent, heard every person love story and the failure they faced to what they wished to do and how loving we were to him. 

Till the time we get hammered again.