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The Great IPL Crawl

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I’m not one for watching cricket within the confines of a watering hole, nursing stale peanuts and beer, amidst an over-boisterous crowd! But if it comes with a bar crawl package, it calls for a change of mind! Besides, going by the whale of a time I had at the previous bar crawls, I didn’t think much before registering for the IPL bar crawl.

Of course, true to my bar-crawl-attendance tradition (courtesy my gang of friends who suck at coming on timeJ), I missed the first leg of the crawl-Henry Thams. It was a major let down for me cuz I completely love Henry Thams. And I owe my love for it to’s marvelous review, which led me to it in the first place!  Besides, I heard that they were handing out free shots to the ladies, so you cannot imagine my disappointment!!

Nonetheless, we stationed ourselves outside Bootleggers (the second pit stop) and waited for the big blue bus to arrive. Bootlegger, otherwise does not rate very high on my list of fav haunts, but the Bar Crawl really did me in! Bootleggers had us sipping on blue (or green or sea-green or whatever) supari vodkas and enjoying the on-again-off-again IPL match being played to retro music!

Here’s the thing, you pay an affordable 500 bucks and you have your Saturday night planned in an every joint-you-can-think-of-is-bursting-at-the-seams city. Not only are you in the company of 80 plus ready-to-mingle people, but you also have a complimentary vodka-soda thrust in your hand at every venue, making the process that much easier! Top that off with an open-deck bus ride between bars (the highlight of the bar Crawl in my opinion!) and you have all the trappings of a real-time social network! Definitely what this city needs!

Anyway, back on the much loved open decker, we headed to the next stop- Czar at The Intercontinental. The bus ride was awesome fun and awesomely long! Even more, were the ‘Tree Alert’ warnings before being lashed by stray branches! And my signature- waving at the most random people on the street!! God bless for all the effort that goes into coordinating all this fun for us revelers!!

Czar was fun if your into the bollywood vibe!